10 of the Best Apps for Your Pebble Watch

Let’s just face it; as great as inventions such as 3D printing and the internet are, they cannot count your steps or tell your heart rate now can they, which makes wearable technology such as smartwatches so interesting, and more importantly, useful as well. That’s our reasoning anyway!

Since its introduction, smartwatches have fascinated the consumer by using the newest technology while becoming more and more commonplace at the same time. With successful Kickstarter campaigns such as the Pebble Watch in 2013 really putting the smartwatch on the map as a wearable that one can depend on. Today, consumers get to supplement their wardrobe with a smartwatch that can do just about anything your smartphone can, and then some.

It’s incredible to think that even in a post-Apple Watch era, Pebble watches are still considered as the strongest option for smartwatch users, and especially when it comes to the Android-powered options. So, three years down the line, what can we do with the Pebble Watch really? With the Pebble Watch thriving as a wearable brand, its app store has also been upgraded to house hundreds of applications specifically designed for the Pebble Watch.

The only downside here is, with so many options also comes the confusion of which applications to use on your Pebble Watch. So, which are the ones that matter? Well, we put our heads together and have come with your top picks.


This is an incredibly useful app for the Pebble Watch. It helps users search for restaurants, bars and drug stores in your area. The only downside is that it isn’t as reliable as the Pebble Time, mainly because it has not been updated yet. The best feature of the Yelp app has got to be the suggestions it gives you whenever a person twists their wrist.

Weather Radar

This is a unique and gorgeous looking weather app. The installation is a bit of a drag, but once you get past that, you get animated weather radar that is totally worth it. While there are loads of weather apps for Pebble, none come close to giving you a more precise weather forecast of your area. To start the installation, you will need to sign up for an account on Wunderground.com, which is certainly not a deal breaker if you want to get yourself the most accurate weather forecast possible on a Pebble Watch.

Toggles for Pebble

This is a useful set of utility toggles which allows the user to turn on the flashlight, toggle their Wi-Fi connection, or mute their phone conveniently. You can even find your lost device with this nifty app. While there are a bunch of toggle apps available on the Pebble Store, none of them quite compare to this one.

Strike Force

Strike Force is a full color shooter game for the Pebble Watch. The game app uses the accelerometer of the watch to move a plane around the screen as the player navigates through this 80s styled arcade game. While having to wiggle your wrist around can be a bit tricky at times, it’s a fun way of spending the time.


RunKeeper is another amazing app that can synchronize the user’s walks, hikes and runs and store the data on the cloud. This is by far one of the best options for those who use their legs to keep fit.


When it comes to games, one button ones are really the way to go with the Pebble Watch. Pinywings is a cute homage to the popular iOS/Android game app called Tiny Wings. In the game the player has to maneuver a little bird over a series of hills by using a single button.

Pebble Transport

If you use the popular cab hailing app Uber, might as well do it from your Pebble Watch if you own one. The Pebble Transport app allows users to summon an Uber to their location for free.

Music Boss

Music Boss is a pretty basic app for music lovers, but it’s no slouch. The full color app allows users to enjoy their favorite tunes while on the go. It also gives you access to a wide range of media apps and also lets you control a Chromecast from the Pebble Watch. Users can also rate their favorite songs as they go on Google Play Music.


While Pebble doest really have any default health and activity apps, it makes up for it by allows the user to choose one of their choice, from Fitcat to Runkeeper. Both of these options allow the user to keep track of their fitness while using the Pebble Watch.


Want to order a coffee? While Pebble does use the newest technology in its app, unfortunately it still does not have its own Starbucks app. But, this unofficial little app will help you get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee wherever you are.

Ending Note

Popular mentions when it comes to apps for the Pebble Watch include Evernote, FitCat, and CatchOneBus and Glance all of these apps deserved to be tried along with the rest. When it comes to apps you never know what you are going to get, but you can stay safe by using the aforementioned apps for your Pebble Watch.