3 Seo Techniques to Climb the Search Engines

There are many tips and tricks that you can do to increase your search engine rankings. First of all, do not underestimate the power of achieving high rankings in the search engines. It does not matter whether it is in Google, Yahoo! or MSN Live!. High rankings can give you tons of free-targeted traffic to your site. More than your server can handle! For example, for one keyword that I used to optimized which is “lose body fat”, it got way up in MSN and it drove 5000 unique visitors to my site! I must admit, that was a fluke and I did not know what happen. My point is, getting up high in the search engines is a long-term investment that you must put some time and effort in.

I am going to share some 3 seo Techniques with you that have produced great results for me. You might have heard it before or might have used it but if you have not, these 3 seo techniques might be some golden nuggets for you.

Seo Technique 1

Include a relevant keyword term into your title H1 tags or H2 tags. For example, if you are optimizing for the keyword weight loss, another relevant keyword term generated by the Google keyword tool is “fast weight loss”. So, in your H2 title, you might put “Awesome weight loss tips and techniques for fast weight loss”. This technique has produced good results for me when I was optimizing for the keyword “how to lose chest fat” for my website www.Lose-fat-tips.com. It is currently number one or two in Google.

Seo Technique 2

Search engines spiders read from left to right. Just right click on a web page and see the source code. It is organized from left to right. So, I suggest that you place one keyword in the very bottom of the web page within the body of the copy. Place it naturally. You can place it like “www.MyWebSite.Com brings you How To Lose Chest Fat” if the keyword that you are optimizing is “how to lose chest fat”.

Seo Technique 3

Another famous and very effective technique is to have your keyword in the main title of your web page. Within the H1 tags, make sure you place a keyword. Some seo experts mentioned that it is no longer important to make sure your keywords are in the meta keyword tags and meta description tags but in the meta title tags, it is extremely important. Go and make a search in Google and you will see what I mean.

I hope that these 3 Seo techniques benefits you and can help you get more free targeted traffic. Frankly speaking, seo tips and techniques changes very often and it is very important for entrepreneurs like us to stay current. There are many effective seo tips out there that you can utilize. Make sure you use all of them to optimize your results.