5 Google Sheets Functions to Know


My motto: “The answer is always a spreadsheet.” Here are 5 formulas that can help you get more out of using Google Sheets.

1. Month()

I use Google Forms, which means I have Google Sheets with a timestamp. The problem is that the timestamp contains the date and the time which makes it hard to count how many were submitted on a particular day. Use =Month(A2) and =Day(A2) to get the month and day

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2. Unique

I use a Google Form to record students going to the bathroom, or checking out books, or so many things! The students very well might fill out the same Form more than one time. In the spreadsheet, I have a list of all the times a student went to the bathroom, but how do I know which students used the restroom? Using the formula =UNIQUE() I can condense a lengthy list to remove repeated values.

3. GoogleTranslate

Here is a function you will not find in Excel. Sometimes you are in need of translating multiple things for parents or students. Use =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2) to translate whatever language is in A2 into English. English is the default translation.

Try my Template

I have created a template using the =GOOGLETRANSLATE formula so that whatever language is typed into column A it will automatically translate into “all” languages. (all supported by Google Translate). Suggestion to delete the columns you do not want to translate into.

4. RandBetween

I personally use this a LOT. It allows me to generate random numbers for a variety of purposes. =randbetween(1,30) lets me choose a random student on my roster for example.

5. Filter

Sometimes you want to display information, perhaps from a Form, in a filtered view. If multiple teachers use the same Google Form for passes then you may want to only see the list of students who were sent to you.

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