5 Reasons To Use Video On Your Website

It is a new internet age, and with it has come a wildfire of video rich websites. It seems everyone is getting in on the video craze. Perhaps you are still skeptical, though, and with good reason, streaming video can get downright expensive with its bandwidth-hogging size. It is an expense well worth the cost, however. Here are five reasons on why you should use video on your website:

1. Videos make material more believable since the viewer can see it in action, be it a new product or instructions on how to do something. Through using video on your website, you can demonstrate the before and after effects of your product, and show testimonials from your customers. All of this helps lend credibility to you and your business and increase your profits.

2. Video also grabs the viewers attention. In an online world filled with text and pictures marketing new things, a well-constructed video really stands out to consumers. It tempts them to take action on your words, and it helps you build a relationship with them by adding a personal touch to your campaign. This is a very important aspect of video as having a relationship with your customers is what will keep them coming back.

3. Now, more than ever, almost anyone can make and upload a video. There are dozens of video upload sites that make uploading, embedding, and sharing video as easy as 1-2-3. Additionally, you don’t have to be a professional to make a video in fact, your audience will be a lot happier if you aren’t (it goes right back to that personal touch thing). You no longer need to let the fact you are not a technical wizard stand in your way.

4. Video is more precise than text. Why describe something to your visitors when you can show them? Visuals are far better in explaining or presenting information and products than plain text or still pictures and graphics. They will also be impressed and appreciative that you chose to take the more direct approach which makes them all the more likely to do business with you.

5. It makes complicated and long reading material into an entertaining multimedia experience, and one that is likely to be shared via viral marketing. Make your video more than just information, add a bit of humor and it will spread like wildfire. Due to this (and the fact a lot of search engines push multimedia rich websites to the top of their rankings) it has quickly become an industry standard, and rejecting it means throwing away a lot of potential profits.

There is simply no reason not to use video on your website and be left behind with empty pockets. To start, just play around with it to get the feel of making videos and uploading them. Develop your own unique style. Then you will be more comfortable in producing videos that are intended to bring in visitors and convert them into long-term customers. Relax and have fun. You can do it.