5 Smartphone Apps That Will Help Monitor Your Health

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One must take their health care seriously to prevent complications. Losing weight, for instance, with the help of mobile apps, will help you a lot to stay healthy. 

Smartphone apps can also help us in our bid to stay healthy. They can help us to remind us to exercise, drink water, take our medicines, and remind us of doctor appointments and some of these apps are:

  1. Health Pal

Health Pal is a smartphone app with a round feature that will help you monitor your health. This app reminds you of the doctor’s appointments you have; it gives you reminders of your diet and tracks your exercise progress. 

Another feature this app has is that it can provide you with information about your physique, diet, and nearby fitness stores. By following the instructions of the app, you can be sure of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Health Tap

This app helps improve your health by answering the question that you might have that is health-related, and it gives helpful insight for free. The app covers over 700,000 topics on health issues and over 2 million answers on more than 900 health conditions. This app is not a paid app, so you must get it to find an excellent answer to your question. 

  1. Quit Smoking Pro

Many people may be secretly fighting one addiction or the other without anybody to encourage them and cheer them up to continue. It is a paid app but is worth its price because it works as a coach to help you eliminate your smoking addiction. 

With this app, you set targets depending on the level of your addiction, and then every week or month, it provides you with how much money you have saved.

  1. Fooducate:

This smartphone app is very useful, especially if you want to lose some weight. It helps you to live a healthy lifestyle by recommending the best diets that will help you burn fat. This is a free app, and so it is accessible on both android and IOS smartphones. It can read barcodes in food items and tell you if the item is healthy or junk food. It also suggests a flexible diet plan and food alternatives that will improve your health.

  1. Elevate: Brain Training 

This is a smartphone app that specializes in helping you fight stress and anxiety. This app helps to increase your productivity by enhancing your focus and speaking abilities, and above all, it helps you relax and meditate to have a healthy mind. 

This is a free app with options to upgrade to the premium versions of the app, which gives you a choice to get personalized mind training that keeps you healthy.


In the present day, mobile apps now help us on our quest to stay healthy. The apps mentioned above help us stay relaxed, eat good foods, track our exercise routine and progress, answer our questions, and give us recommendations for the best health practices.