5 Tips to Improve the Motivation of your Employees

All business owners and managers expect their employees to act like the company they are working in is their property. They often say – we’re a family, or we support each other, but in the end, only the owners get the benefits and the workers get nothing.

That’s when employees understand that they are not at the right place, but can’t find something better at the moment. Their motivation for doing a great job will decline, and with it, the success of the company will slowly start deteriorating. See what motivation means for the business here.

To prevent this, there are lots of techniques that are going to help the employees raise their motivation or at least keep to a decent level. Some of these techniques are easy to implement in the workspace, while others will need a more serious and difficult approach.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of them to show you what are your options if you’re trying to raise the motivation of your employees and how to keep things running perfectly in your company. Read on and see for yourself about the options available.

1. Raise their salary

The best way to raise your employees’ motivation is to give them a higher salary than the competition. There’s nothing motivating people better than getting better pay for what they do. If you start a practice of constantly giving out raises every couple of months, they’ll always be satisfied by the place they are working.

However, make sure that you’re not rewarding people for doing lousy work. If you reward everyone with a raise, but only half of them do tremendous work, then you’re punishing those who try more and receive equally as the others. That’s when they will lower their motivation instead of raising it.

2. Make team building activities as common practice as possible

All stats show that companies who do regular teambuilding activities are happier and work harder as a team. Teamwork is one of the keys to having a successful business. Whenever there’s a problem at the office, the fastest response and help can come from a colleague, but if the atmosphere is cold, then no one will be there to help.

A team-building activity is going to tighten the connection between employees and they will all have a much different approach to each other. This means that motivation and productivity will jump much higher in moments when teamwork is much needed for a project or something similar at the office.

3. Introduce a coaching team

The employees are not the only ones who need a motivation boost, but managers too. Sometimes working with people is exhausting and we all need a motivational speech to keep going. That’s why some companies hire coaches.

These guys are great as they can truly help the working environment. Take call centers for example – they often have hundreds of workers and it’s not easy to meet everyone’s needs. Hiring a call center behavior coaching will help everyone do their jobs easier and with more motivation than before.

4. Shorten the working hours

Have you seen how some European countries solved the problem with motivation and productivity? Instead of forcing people to work overtime, they shortened the working week and made everyone work harder while in the office on their own.

People now see that the working week is shorter and they must work faster and harder to get everything done within the 4-day working week. This makes them try harder but more importantly, they get a much better life-work balance which is crucial for having enough motivation while being at work.

The 4-day working week lets people enjoy three days of the weekend which is enough for them to recharge their batteries. They come back to work happy and full of life. This is the right attitude for everyone who wants to do great at their business duties and tasks. That’s how these guys solved the problem with motivation.

5. Give rewards for those who are amazing

We already mentioned this one – rewarding those who try harder is a great way to raise the motivation of specific employees. The reward shows gratitude for those who try more than those who don’t. If an employee is rewarded with either money or something else valuable, that shows them appreciation.

The reward speaks for the involvement of the management team in the company’s overall strategy. When a worker receives a reward, they realize the appreciation for their work. That raises their feeling of worthiness which is more valuable and important than any material reward.

However, they are both connected. It’s not enough for managers to approach those who work the best and simply tap them on the shoulder. That would mean – we see what you did, but we still think you’re replaceable and worthless. Instead, rewarding them says something else. See how rewards work here: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/role-reward-employee-motivation-18814.html


These five points are going to help you raise motivation in the office among your employees. It’s always tough to do this, but if you put your mind on it, and try some of these methods, be sure that you’ll be successful.

Try rewards, raising the salary, and organizing teambuilding stuff. A person who’s a pro in coaching is also helpful and might do a tremendous difference. If you manage to put a perfect life-work balance, then be sure that you’ve done everything perfectly.