Are marketing pixels nevertheless attainable?

five several years ago an English man efficiently marketed one particular million pixels in six months, for one dollar per pixel. It usually means he acquired a million bucks. Then there’re lots of comparable web-sites constructed to imitate his website, but no one particular do well yet again. Someone won’t be able to even offer out one particular pixel for one cent. Why? It’s simply because that copycat is not welcome. People give a lot curiosity to the to start with inventor, and reduce curiosity to the followers, except the follower can make evolution centered on the to start with invention.

Not long ago there is certainly a website that obviously helps make reference of one particular million dollar pixel homepage. But what justifies applause is that it has some evolution. As an alternative of marketing pixels, it auctions pixels. And the initial pixel buyers can get gain from pixel auction. The auction technique is like this: To start with the pixel is acquired with minimal cost, let us say one cent per pixel. Then the pixel will be auctioned as a fixed cost, which is 2 times of the initial cost. And the pixel owner will get a hundred and fifty% rebate of his pixel cost, which usually means he can make fifty% gain if his pixels are marketed out. For illustration, if he invest in the pixels for 100 bucks, then if his pixels are marketed out, he will get a hundred and fifty dollar returned. This technique will urge buyers to invest in pixels at an previously phase, which will be much less expensive.

This idea seems eye-catching, but let us see no matter if it will do well or not. The backlink of the website is

I believe some factor will choose no matter if it can be profitable or not. To start with, can this website attain sufficient pageviews? This idea maybe be intriguing, but hardwork require to be carried out to enhance the pageviews and make it very well identified. Next, can this idea be appreciated by lots of men and women? If most men and women will not agree this pixel auction technique and regard it as outdated, then it will also fade absent.