Are you ready to start repairing your smartphone yourself?


Smartphone manufacturers are now increasingly encouraging their customers to repair their devices themselves, whenever possible, rather than systematically buying a new, replacement model.

To achieve this, manufacturers are setting up specific self-repair programs, offering access to tools and spare parts. This trend, initiated by Apple, has now been adopted by the world’s number one smartphone seller, Samsung.

The South Korean manufacturer has announced the launch of a brand new self-repair programme, aimed at American owners of Galaxy S20 and S21 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. Starting this summer, they will have access to genuine parts, as well as repair tools and easy-to-use repair guides. For this, Samsung has decided to join forces with the famous online repair platform, iFixit.

Initially, it will be possible to replace the screen, rear glass and charging ports, with the option to send the used parts back to Samsung for responsible recycling. In the future, Samsung plans to expand self-repair to cover more devices and repairs across its extensive product range. More details of the programme’s implementation will be revealed at a later date.

Through this new service, Samsung evidently wants to promote a circular economy and significantly reduce electronic waste. The idea is to change one or more parts yourself, rather than buying a new model when the slightest technical problem arises.

Last fall, Apple surprised everyone by announcing the launch of a comparable service, called Self Service Repair, in early 2022. This service will also provide access to tools and original spare parts, allowing users to repair smartphones themselves. Only the iPhone 12 and 13 series are initially eligible.

Macs equipped with M1 chips could soon join this programme which, as for Samsung, launched exclusively in the United States. It should be extended to other countries very soon. – AFP Relaxnews


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