Arlo steps sideways into personal security options

Arlo steps sideways into personal security options

Working in tandem with the Arlo Safe app, the Arlo Safe Button can be used to alert safety experts and rapidly send emergency responders to the user’s location anytime, day or night.

Arlo has been delivering some excellent quality security options for years now, but this week announced a sidestep into personal security for its US customers. The concept is known as Arlo Safe and is an interesting proposition.

What is it?

The Arlo safe is a button trigger for your device that, simply at the push of a button, can alert chosen people and even emergency services to your situation. It can be set up to immediately request the dispatch of emergency services, send notifications to family members or even detect a vehicle accident.

It’s worth noting that many of these features are already built into the Android OS or can be set up easily with a third-party monitoring service in Australia.

There are also several subscription options, including:

  • US$4.99 per month for individuals
  • US$9.99 for families
  • US$19.99 per month for the Safe and Secure Pro plan

Tim Johnston, SVP of Products at Arlo Technologies, said:

With Arlo Safe, we’re leveraging Arlo’s award-winning expertise around smart home security and intuitive, easy-to-use design to deliver the most secure, comprehensive safety app that keeps pace with our modern, busy lives.

What users get from the Arlo Safe setup is access to monitoring and communication with agents who will respond quickly if the service is triggered. If necessary, dispatch emergency services and, while doing so, stay talking to the user to ensure their safety is maintained.

If you’ve got family members who need welfare checks, the app can be set up to send check-in requests regularly. Or even a way to actively track family members for a little more awareness of everyone’s movements throughout the day.

Perhaps the best bit is that the button is small enough to discreetly fit in a hand, pocket, or on a keychain, the device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Arlo Safe app on the user’s smartphone for quicker, more discreet access without having to reach for the phone.

As mentioned the device is only available in the US for now and costs US$29.99 plus a subscription, or for US$119.99 you can pick up a pack with two buttons and a year subscription to the above-mentioned family plan.

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