Ask Ausdroid: NAS versus external hard drive – Which one should I choose?


The 2nd is that your knowledge is only out there on a single drive, that wants to be plugged into the machine you’re working with. So if you leave the travel at property when you require it, then you are in a spot of trouble.

From a data distribution viewpoint, storage on external drives is fine if you’re on the same Computer or laptop most of the time. But it does make sharing facts among individuals or, even your personal equipment clumsy and laborious which can also introduce challenges these as edition control difficulties if several people have copies.

Which is not to say that external drives are “wrong” or a bad solution by any usually means. Quite the reverse in truth, as a user of NAS for several years, I continue to make use of external drives routinely for the ease of offloading info swiftly, sharing information simply or transporting — preventing the want to wait for the upload or obtain of substantial files — details effortlessly.

Network Hooked up Storage

This is exactly where it will get very funky for first time users due to the fact there is so significantly about the use of a NAS you don’t quickly believe about or realise. The dependability of obtain, scalability of storage and details stability are just setting up factors.

There are so lots of manufacturers and alternatives offered these days that the final decision can develop into quite frustrating. But ideally, with a little bit of forethought, you are going to get earlier this quickly.

NAS options occur in a assortment of dimensions and possibilities from two drives to rack-mounted options with dozens of drives. Relying on your facts storage needs and attributes you could want, you can make the final decision on what you acquire.

Information redundancy is 1 of the vital characteristics of a NAS is the ability to mirror drives for data safety. This means that if one of the drives fails, all of your details is safe and sound and you can continue on to use your NAS. It’s crucial nevertheless, to change the unsuccessful travel ASAP in circumstance the performing push fails also.

Then we get into the knowledge access realm where all products on your network from laptops, to PCs, cell units and game consoles can obtain your facts concurrently from inside of your community. You have also received the functionality on a NAS to access your info from outside the house your house network, in essence, you’ve developed your individual non-public cloud storage.

It is not just products that obtain data where a NAS can be valuable, gadgets like security cameras can feed details to and retail store it on your NAS. This necessitates the camera and the NAS to be compatible with every single other, usually, ONVIF compliance of the camera is all you will need but it is value checking your camera and NAS compliance.

This is all ahead of commencing to examine some of the other attributes and selections that are offered on a lot of NAS devices. This includes the ability to:

  • Provide automatic backup for your desktop Laptop or notebook
  • Become an automatic backup alternative for your shots
  • Store and stream all of your particular media assortment
  • Come to be a personal chat server
  • Operate as your individual electronic mail server
  • Be an substitute to the likes of Google Preserve, Evenote and OneNote
  • Sync your Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage domestically

Then — I’m sure the image is starting to be clearer now — you can glimpse at 3rd-get together set up packages to change your NAS into a world wide web server, Plex Server, PiHole DNS server or just about any other service you can feel of. They are hugely useful and (especially if you select to set up docker) only confined in what you can reach by your creativeness.

A NAS provides some brains, processing power and a enormous total of functionality to your storage. An exterior tough travel is precisely that, a drive…

Is 1 “better” than the other?

Offered you have the finances and some simple technological knowledge, then a NAS is generally going to be a far better solution for numerous individuals. The details defense, scalability, wide connectivity and all round overall flexibility of your NAS for data entry are overwhelmingly beneficial for the technology.

One of the biggest boundaries to end users investing in a NAS is cost. With cloud storage reasonably inexpensive, it can look to be prohibitive to spend in a self-storage resolution. You want to buy your NAS and the tricky drives which can immediately include up to $800.00 for a relative entry-degree remedy with two 6TB drives. Even far more, of course, if you’re paying for a additional aspect-loaded product and higher capacity drives. In distinction, a 6TB desktop external drive is normally under $250.00

The other purpose some buyers however have and have external drives is the pace of access. Your accessibility to your information. If you are in just your premises, you are golden but outdoors the making, you’re extremely significantly constrained to the add pace of your Internet. An exterior drive is only confined by the pace of the drive by itself and connectivity (USB or Thunderbolt) to your desktop or notebook.

So to check out and solution the problem: Is a single superior than the other from a functionality point of view, certainly, the NAS wins. Exterior drives even now have their put nevertheless, for any individual who will work on the go, most likely devoid of connectivity, an exterior travel nonetheless has a location in the current market.

You will want to make an educated final decision based mostly on your spending budget, what you are wanting for from the push and weigh up the pitfalls vs benefits of the available alternatives.


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