Bathroom Lighting

A single light bulb in the bathroom may be enough for some. However, for your bathroom to be entirely useful, hazard-free, and convenient to use, make sure you have enough lights installed in it.

Lighting placement

The trick on how to illuminate the whole bathroom well depends on how the lighting fixtures are arranged. Of course, you do not place all the lights in just one corner of the room. Unless that is the only part that you want to light, but, this is not appealing. You would want to have the whole room adequately lighted.

Make sure that you have lights near or on top of the bathroom vanities. You will benefit significantly from the good lighting spring that you have when you face your mirrors near your vanities. You will also be able to finish faster. This is perfect for the morning rush.

Lower energy costs

You can have as many lights as you want, but you need to consider your energy consumption. There are energy-efficient lamps that are available in the market. And do make sure that you purchase these lights and not those that consume hundreds of kilowatts per hour of usage. Also, you might not turn on all the lights in the room at once. Turn on only those that you will need while you are in the bathroom. And if you are using a night light, choose the one with the lowest consumption.

How many light bulbs you need

The number of light bulbs that you need to have will depend on which areas you need to keep light. Make a plan for your lighting placement. Then, you next consider how bright every area you want to be. You can either work with lots of bulbs, or you can have bright ones but have a smaller number.

Lighting with mirrors

If you are looking for energy-saving tips, this is one of them. Make use of mirrors to reflect light coming from the bulbs that are already present in the room. The mirrors need to be big enough to allow for light to scatter in a large portion of the room. Many have mirrors lined in the walls for this purpose. And of course, it is always an advantage if you have a full-length mirror in your bathroom when you need to look at yourself.

Recessed lights

Creating a dramatic effect in the bathroom is possible. This is with the use of recessed lights. These are lights that are used to emphasize certain fixtures in the room. They might not necessarily brighten up the room, but they add a few luces. These lights are also installed in walls, near the shower stalls, or in tubs.

Bright bulbs are for those who want straightforward lighting. They directly make the room brighter. Meanwhile, frosted bulbs are mostly used for their effect. They are best used as a night light as they are not too bright, but they provide enough light for you to see at night.