Computer Not Responding! – Troubleshooting Computer Not Responding Problems

Pc Not Responding? When you attempt to open My Computer, IE, Firefox, Home windows Media Player or other systems, quickly it does not answer! Or when you are functioning or enjoying game titles on your computer, it freezes up for no reasons and systems are not responding. Why does this issue transpire?

RAM and Virtual Memory

Generally this issue happens since of your working way too numerous applications at the identical time. If you operate above 10 moreover systems, this will direct to your insufficient RAM scenario. Then some systems really don’t answer since of not being allocated more than enough RAM resources. You can improve your RAM or Virtual Memory to steer clear of the not responding issue. Abide by the methods bellow?

one. Open Control Panel. Then double click Procedure on the opening website page and then click Sophisticated tab in Procedure Homes window. Then click Options in Performance spot! And click Sophisticated tab in Performance Selections window. Simply click Adjust and the Virtual Memory window opens.

two. Select the travel which Paging file is established. And click Customized size and modify the size of website page file. Initial size must be 1024 MB at least & max size must be not a lot less than 2048 MB. And click Okay.

Procedure or Plan problems

If your RAM is far more than one G but your computer is continue to dealing with not responding issue frequently, then the issue almost certainly success from process or system problems. A great deal of aspects can direct to it, such as corrupt registry keys and values, Dll files and so on. They are very import to Procedure performance but very fragile. When you use a computer just after a extensive time, they are almost certainly destroyed and trigger computer freezing, not responding, gradual computer challenges. It’s very important to sustain your computer on a regular basis to steer clear of and take care of people challenges.

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