Fashion and Technology: Marrying Beauty and Innovation

Technology and fashion are two of the most pervasive aspects of people’s lives today. There is practically no area in our lives untouched by these two and it is not surprising they would one day be combined to give us some of the most innovating products. Fashion Design Tools Some of the easiest technologies to access are software designed to help fashion practitioners execute their work more effectively and efficiently. There are illustration and layout software available that make for more productive operations. Most of these software come with color management systems that provide accurate color views so that designers can see the actual color that the garment will be sewn in. Designers can even render their creations in 3D so they are able to view their garments from different angles and make corrections accordingly. Virtual fitting technology is another tool used by designers. Basically, virtual fit software helps designers nail down the measurements of their garments so that it fits well onto their buyers. Some software require that you enter your vital statistics and from there, your garment will be designed and then sewn. Others make use of 3D rendering, where a virtual representation of a customer is created using that customer’s measurements. All garment fitting is then done virtually and the client is given several alternatives to choose from. Interactive Wear Another successful fusion of fashion and technology is what is referred to as “wearable technology.” Electronic equipment such as mobile phones and mp3 players are used as clothing accessories. Some manufacturers of electronic equipment also design their products in such a way that they can be blended into an outfit. The equipment are manipulated either by coordinating the colors with the garments or having the equipment take on the shapes of some fashion accessories. Fashion technology companies are also constantly thinking of ways to make clothing more “interactive.” Instead of technology being a mere accessory to clothing, these companies aim to combine fashion and technology so that they are a single, unified product. Advanced Technologies Developments don’t stop here as there are even more high-tech innovations geared toward the fashion industry. Innovations involving fabric performance are some of the earliest forays into the collaboration between fashion and technology. Some inventions make for warmer, more comfortable clothing. Others have added extra features such as stain and water repellence. There are also technologies devoted to reinforcing the protective powers of fabric. One of these is the development of textiles with anti-bacterial properties. Some materials such as cotton are being treated so that they are injected with insect-repelling capabilities. Even more advanced innovations have been and are being developed in the form of space technology adoption for clothing materials. Certain manufacturers have already adopted these cutting edge solutions which include: – The use of no-ironing cloths to produce fashion apparel. This invention was originally created for use in outer space. – Internal cooling systems used in astronauts’ suits are now also utilized in outdoor and sportswear. – Satellite technology used to monitor the chemical products used in agriculture is now being used to enhance the color management systems for fabrics.