Free Turnkey Website Business – "monetize" For More Clickbank Commissions

Free Turnkey Website Business: “Monetize” For MORE Clickbank Commissions

Their is a real easy formula to making money online especially as an affiliate, and that formula is….
*Get a website template or create one that “captures names and emails” and “Pre-sales”
*Generate Targeted Traffic
*Prove How you Can Help Your New Subscriber And Visitor
*Put The Money In The Bank

That’s it!

Money making online is easy especially with affiliate websites popping up all over the place! Which is why I am giving you my 3 secrets any clickbank marketer would love to discover!….

1. Get Yourself A Turnkey Website And System

Their are tons of websites for sale,php designers,and scripts of code you can buy, but I am talking a easy cut and paste site!

…”This is really Affiliate marketing 101 so if your advanced looking for answers bare with me.”

Direct traffic to sales pages and pre-sale pages are fine and get results but the Internet has software that allows you to have your “cake and eat it to”…. Meaning you can set up a pop up on the your current site that asks for a opt in, offering just access to your newsletter! You won’t destroy your conversion rates because this pop up gives them 10- seconds to opt in and after that time is elapsed, their on your site.

2. Making It Run On Auto-Pilot

Like I said this is for the active affiliate marketers. Not for you to start putting your efforts into these turnkey systems but to make money on the back-end! By adding it to what your currently doing.

***So this is what you need to do, incorporate turnkey businesses within your email message systems. One that creates free offers to now add them to their auto-responder. Which will allow them to now do all of the following up and relationship building for you. And for just about $30 a month you’ll get the commission for any sale that is made!

3. A Few Systems That Work

My favorites are clickbank pirate and certified cash club both are well worth the price. “But remember it’s the fact that they are solely adding to your current affiliate business!”

Would You Like To Know How I Do It?

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