How Screen Doors Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or have been living there for years, you’ll want to find ways to improve your home’s value. The simple addition of screen doors can help brighten up your space, create a cross breeze, and extend your living room into your backyard.

Choose from a variety of screen doors, including:

  • Sliding screen door – runs on a track, best for patios and balconies
  • Hinge screen door – opens like a traditional door, best for back and front doors
  • Magnet screen door – fits on any doorframe 38×82 inches or smaller, self-seals with powerful magnets giving you hands-free entry and exit
  • Storm door – more robust hinge door, can change out top screen for glass during winter months or storms

Once you’ve chosen which screen is right for you, it’s time to reap the many benefits screen doors offer!

Enjoy the Gentle Breeze

Leave your doors open on a warm day and let a cool cross breeze flow throughout the rooms of your home—no more suffering in a stale and stuffy house. Let the air from outside carry the aromas of spring flowers, or crisp fall leaves into your living space.

Save on Cooling Costs

Since screen doors allow you to create a delicious cross breeze, you’ll rely less heavily on running your air conditioner during the hot summer months. Even if you only run your air conditioner for eight hours a day, you could spend up to $211/month on your energy bill.

Leave your doors and windows open while you sleep, and allow the naturally cool air to lower the temperature inside your home. You could save hundreds annually by avoiding running your AC every night.

Gives You an Unobstructed View and More Natural Light

Heavy wood doors usually have small windows that let minimal natural light into your home. Installing a screen door opens your living area up to the outdoors and increases the amount of natural light.

Fine mesh screen doors allow you to see through to the backyard easily. Watch your children and pets play outside from your living room. Enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your couch.

Prevents Mosquitos and Flies from Entering Your Home

Did you know that common house flies can carry more than a million bacteria on their bodies? Gross! No one wants these pesky bugs potentially transmitting harmful bacteria to food or surfaces inside their home.

Durable mesh screen doors will keep bugs out! No more worrying about flies, gnats, or mosquitoes popping in to visit anytime you leave the door open for a few minutes.

Extends Your Living Space into Your Backyard

A screen door doubles the size of your living area! Now you can enjoy a breeze and the view of your backyard – without bugs inviting themselves inside. Host parties in your backyard with ease. Guests can easily move from indoors to outside.

Magnet screen doors are the perfect option for hosts since they allow hands-free exit. You can carry out that big sangria pitcher without struggling with the door handle. Barbecues will never be the same.

Allows Your Pet Access to the Outdoors

Dogs and cats can quickly let themselves outside to enjoy the backyard. You can feel confident letting your dogs run outside whenever they please. The durable mesh is heavy-duty enough to withstand years of use. Powerful magnets will automatically seal behind them, preventing any pests from entering your home. Magnet screen doors are also perfect for pets.

Additional Security

Hinge and sliding screen doors offer your home an extra layer of security. These types of screen doors include a lock. Two locks make it more likely you or a neighbor will catch a burglar before they enter your home.

Improve Your Home Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

Sliding, hinge, and storm doors can run anywhere from $100-$1,000 but offer additional security features. Depending on your level of experience with home improvement projects, you may need to hire a contractor to install the door. This investment could be worth it in the long run, and chances are you’ll make it back when you sell your property.

Maybe you aren’t ready to spend that much money to install a screen door. No matter your budget, there is a screen door you can use to improve the functionality of your home and increase its value. Magnet screen doors are the most affordable, with quality options costing less than $30. This hands-free and pet-friendly option is easy to install, saving you on costly contractor fees.

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