How to Application Your Bell Mobility Samsung U740 Mobile Cellphone

Utilizing this brief manual, we will walk you by way of the system of programming your cellphone quantity into your Samsung U740 for Bell Mobility. Don’t stress the system isn’t tough.  In six easy techniques, you will have your cellphone programmed in no time.  And you will help you save up to $25 on in-retailer programming charges.

So, let’s get started!

Action 1: Change cellphone on – if making use of a battery, check out to make sure battery is fully charged

Action two: Push [#][#] and then your six-digit Lock Code. If you do not have your Lock Code, call Bell Mobility buyer assistance by cellphone at 1-800-667-0123. Or watch our movie Activating Your Bell Mobile at to find out how to get your Lock Code.

Action 3: Push two to enter programming.

Action 4: Enter in your ten-digit mobile cellphone quantity (MIN), like the place code. Push Okay.

Action 5: Push Okay.

Action 6: Push 3, Cellphone will display screen “Service Done” and will transform off and then restart.

And you are accomplished. You’ve just programmed your Samsung U740 cellphone for Bell Mobility.

Now that you’ve programmed your cellphone quantity, your cellphone must be all set to use, as long as it has previously been activated by Bell. 

If you have not but activated your cellphone, you can have it accomplished in the retailer or, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, watch our movie on Activating Your Bell Mobile Cellphone for a full established of directions.

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