How to block internet websites for the duration of doing work hours?

Unmanaged internet websites searching is killing your efficiency. Personnel could devote hours to read through news, check out on the net movie and perform on the net game titles.

To help save efficiency, it is essential for businesses to block particular internet websites and restrict personnel internet obtain. You could want to put into action an internet policy as:

  1. Only operate-associated internet websites are permitted for the duration of operate time.
  2. Harmful internet websites like violence, adult, shall be blocked usually.
  3. Downloading internet websites and downloading of particular file varieties shall be blocked to help save bandwidth if you are suffering from slow internet velocity.
  4. Prompt messengers, like MSN(Dwell), yahoo!, ICQ and Intention shall be constrained utilization only for the duration of doing work hours.

However, in modern internet, a website can not be blocked only by blocking its ip deal with or area. It is nevertheless accessable by:

  1. Open up proxy servers.
  2. 3rd social gathering tunneling proxy service.
  3. Tunnel VPN service.

To make your blocking effecient, you also have to have to block particular proxy/tunneling protocols.

This tutorial will demonstrate you how to block particular internet websites applying WFilter Organization. As an internet monitoring and filtering product or service, WFilter tends to make it basic to block internet websites and proxy service.

1. Filter particular internet websites

You can filter particular internet websites by “website black/white checklist” and “website class”:

Use “Url Keyword phrases Filtering” to block url by keywords. This can block seeking of particular keywords in research engines.

two. Block Proxy Services and VPN protocols.

WFilter supports proxy protocol transparently. No addtional environment is essential to block open up proxy server.
You could set up a “HTTPS black/white checklist” to block undesirable VPN.

Web sites being blocked:

WFilter homepage: