How To Fix Home windows Xp Slow Boot

Do not commence your computer and then go to lunch? Perhaps … just possibly when you return the computer is thoroughly booted.

Seem familiar?

If you want your computer to commence up as the working day went on for initially time (or even better) read extra …

Personal computers with Home windows XP sluggish commence due to 2 major reasons  , you can also consider microsoft tech help to take care of this problem.

1. Your Home windows XP has as well many applications set to commence when you boot your computer. This is the explanation # 1 for Home windows XP sluggish commence.
2. Home windows XP needs at minimum 512 megabytes of RAM for a kick commence.  

These two reasons for the sluggish startup of Home windows XP can be set by you with owning to use somebody to do it for you.
Too many goods in the home
Having as well many applications set to commence when you commence Home windows XP is the # 1 explanation for a sluggish commence Home windows XP (and your computer is sluggish soon after boots).

The good news is, you can correct this problem with a compact free program now on your computer … termed MSCONFIG.

MSCONFIG can load the pursuing techniques:

1. Click Start off
2. Click Run
three. Form MSCONFIG and click Okay
4. MSCONFIG is now open up
5. Click the Startup tab
In the Startup tab you can watch all goods that are set to commence when you boot the computer  for  computer repair service (each place with a trademark test to load on startup)!

Now is the time to speed up this staff up. Apparent all goods that are not crucial for you. If you are not certain what to uncheck just uncheck every little thing besides your antivirus program.

Click Utilize.

Click Okay.

Click Restart.

Big change eh! Oh, I nearly forgot, also presented with a compact window. Only click the checkbox and click Okay.

Okay, that’s all. Home windows XP Property has enhanced considerably.

Do you have plenty of RAM?

Home windows XP necessitates at minimum 512 megabytes of RAM (memory) for swift commence.

In this article is how to come across out how much RAM you have:

1.    Click on “My Computer”
2. Click Houses
three. On the General tab at the bottom. The next to last line say it is of RAM your computer has.
4. Make certain you have at minimum 512 megabytes of RAM. If not then the pursuing techniques display you how to purchase the correct RAM for your computer

Getting the correct RAM for your computer

Getting the right RAM for your computer utilised to be a overwhelming course of action, having said that, thanks to ‘s Memory Advisor you can come across exactly the style of RAM to your Personal computer (and frequently wholesale prices as well).

Be sure to use the pursuing techniques to choose the right RAM up grade for your computer:

1. Go to (url opens a new window).
2. Important Memory Usage Advisor click the dropdown menu and choose the maker of your computer (these as HP, Dell, Apple)
three. Click the Go button.
4. Now choose the products line.
5. Click Research.
six. Now choose the model.
seven. Click Research.
eight. Now you are presented with the right style RAM for your computer. Pick out at minimum 512 megabytes and insert it to your cart. If 512 megabytes is not an solution only insert as an alternative of 1 GB (which is 1000 megabytes).
9. Full the purchase.

Just before setting up the new RAM certain to convert off the computer and unplug it. If you are not sure how to set up RAM can see dozens of YouTube video tutorials on setting up RAM.