Industrial Robot Repurposed To Make S’Mores


It is summertime time in the Northern Hemisphere, and that indicates campfires for cooking incredibly hot pet dogs, preserving the mosquitoes absent, and of system, producing s’mores. For our far-flung pals, that is a hearth roasted marshmallow and a square of chocolate smashed involving two graham crackers. So known as mainly because when you’re accomplished, you are going to want s’more. It is an uncomplicated adequate recipe that any kid can tell you how to make it. But what if you’re not a kid? What if you do not even have palms, due to the fact you’re an industrial robot? This is the challenge that [Excessive Overkill] has taken on in the movie below the break.

Commencing with a Fanuc S-420 i W industrial robotic constructed in 1997, [Excessive Overkill] painstakingly taught his very own particular robotic how to make S’Mores. Hacking the microwave with pneumatic cylinders to get the door open up was a pleasant touch, and so are the vacuum grippers at the small business stop of the S’More-bot.

We know, we mentioned you were intended to make them on a campfire — but who wishes to danger cooking their classic robotic arm just to melt some chocolate?

There is a large amount of tale behind this hack, and [Excessive Overkill] explains how they obtained, transported, and three phase powered an out of day industrial robot in one more of their videos. Of system, this is Hackaday so it is a subject matter that’s come up just before in the reverse engineering of an industrial robot that we covered some time back again.

Thanks [Phil] for the fantastic tip!


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