Interesting Ideas To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

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Effective marketing is a cornerstone of your company’s success, serving as a powerful tool to present your business in a positive light and connect with savvy consumers. Doing the right business and marketing strategies will take your company from zero to hero. 

However, when it comes to Reseller Hosting, one of the Web Hosting services in India, creative and interesting reseller marketing strategies will help to flourish the business and capture a bigger chunk of the market share. 

So, what are some interesting market strategies you can implement to stand out? To know this and more about how to grow a reselling business, keep reading this article.

Interesting Ideas To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

  1. Start Creating Informative Content 

Today, one of the best ways to market your business online is to create the content around it and post it on various platforms by linking the few keywords where they can buy the reseller hosting plans. 

  • It will help to increase awareness about your services and what makes you different from others.
  • It will help to highlight your brand name and its logo in front of people who are starting to gather information about the reseller hosting service, so once they make up their minds to buy, there might be a high chance that they remember your name and buy from you. 
  1. Be Omni Present In Social Media

Today, almost every person uses social media platforms, and according to the stats, 77% of businesses use social media to increase brand awareness and credibility, and 76% of social media users buy what they see on social media. 

  • It highlights the importance of expanding your social media presence to market your business vertically. 
  • So, research the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Create a profile, learn about the algorithm, and then study the insights carefully to take things in your favour.
  1. Visit the Tech Colleges/ Institutes 

The other marketing funda for the Reseller Hosting business is to visit several tech colleges and institutes where students learn to make websites and applications. 

  • Go there and meet their operating head and talk about them for the collaboration, as it will help to use your hosting services whenever the student creates their website or application. 
  • Moreover, by visiting the colleges and institutes, you can also make the students aware of your hosting services and offer them various discounts or referral discounts to increase the sales of your reseller web hosting services.
  1. Delight Don’t Dilute 

This is one of the marketing strategies used by Procter & Gamble for mass entry. It means rather than just labelling the lower income users as price conscious and offering a lesser version of your product at a lower price. 

  • Start with the user’s unique needs in mind and then create different plans with different pricing to cater for the different clients. 
  • Now it’s easy to understand: “Delight Don’t Dilute” means to make every customer happy rather than not considering them as your client due to either their lesser demand or premium demand. 
  • Thus, create the basic, standard, and premium plans, or you can also create customisation plans to cater for each client’s unique needs.

Wrapping Up

Marketing is an ongoing and creative process. So, as a reseller host, decide your goals, find ways to interact with a larger audience and focus on delivering a high quality service with additional benefits. 

These combined will start giving you the benefits of word of mouth, where people will talk about you, believe you, buy from you and stay with you. Good luck! 

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