Is it complicated to launch a website?

5 WordPress Website Launch Myths | Ali RandEvery company in the world today is expected to have a website. It has gotten to the point where not having a website could easily imply that you are not ready and serious for business. It is only a matter of time before it will also be important for individuals to have websites. You might be about to start a business and you are wondering if it is complicated to launch a website. The answer to this question is that launching a website is not complicated. Some of the reasons why it is not complicated to launch a website are discussed subsequently.


The first thing you would want to bother about is how much it would cost you to launch a website. Fortunately, it is very affordable to launch a website. For as little as less than 50 USD, you could conveniently host a website on the Internet. This is especially if you know how to design websites or you already have some experience and skills with the computer. That price will cover for getting a domain name, paying for a year of hosting, and an SSL certificate. Some platforms are willing to provide you with a domain name and a year of hosting for free. You will also need Internet service so that you can access the Internet to pay for the web hosting services and upload your website. The other cost you might accrue again is if you are paying someone to help you design the website. Fortunately, there are also many cheap web design services that you can opt for. If you need just a basic 4 to a 5-page website with home, about us, contact us, products, and FAQ page, you will be able to find many website designers that will deliver such for you at less than 100 USD. However, you also have the option of designing it by yourself as discussed next.

Designing your website by yourself

You can decide to design your website by yourself if you want to save the cost of paying someone to design the website and then having to regularly pay for the maintenance of the website. There are many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors both online and offline that you can use to create a website. If you already have a good knowledge of software programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, and maybe Photoshop, it would be easy for you to use such editors even without prior web design experience. From using the Internet, you already have an idea of what other websites look like and you might already have a picture of what your website should look like. You can easily use such WYSIWYG editors to build your website. Some of the WYSIWYG editors are free, while others will expect you to pay some money. You can read iPage reviews to see how they can help you with getting a website.

Learning about web design

If you do not have any knowledge or you are scared of venturing into web designing because it is still entirely new to you, there are a lot of materials online that you can use to learn how to design a website. The resources that include books, articles, websites, and videos can help you start your web design career from zero to hero. The implication is that you might even start offering website design services to others after you are through with designing and hosting yours. If you are not interested in commercially offering website design services, at least you would be able to design and maintain your websites.