John Mayer: Mayor Of Blackberry Cell Telephones

John Mayer was lately found partying at the Blackberry Cell Telephones Storm Launch Bash in Los Angeles, California. This arrives a 12 months immediately after Blackberry Cell Telephones, sold by means of Verizon Cell Telephones, sponsored his summer tour recognized formally as “The John Mayer Summer Tour.” John Mayer has had many higher profile interactions some of which incorporated Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Minka Kelly, and rumors of a romance with Heidi Klum in 2003. And however, John Mayer’s most higher profile marriage might be with Blackberry Cell Telephones.

John Mayer was at the Launch Bash for Blackberry Cell Telephones latest addition, the Storm. There he flaunted his assortment of tech gizmos and Verizon mobile phones when other stars these types of as AnnaLynne McCord, Joy Bryant, Kim Karadashian, Juliette Lewis and others collected to rejoice the latest bit of technology. It was a entertaining stuffed affair for the pop and blues guitarist who hails from Connecticut, but this was not the only time he’s been found out with his Blackberry Cell Telephones. No, it does not just take an occasion like this or them sponsoring his summer tour for him actively display off his handheld technology. Instead he can be found candidly performing it in a number of locations. Mayer has been found out with his Blackberry and has even said that he loves it for tune crafting. Of course, seemingly when creativity strikes he will bust out his cell phone and create himself an e mail or make a notepad with the tune plan in it. That way the plan is saved and he can occur back again to it when he’s ready to utilize the plan. In addition to that he can do twitter and site updates from the street or from home suitable on his handheld product.

Without a doubt this a good marriage for Blackberry Cell Telephones and therefore, for Verizon Cell Telephones to have as nicely. The actuality that they sponsored his tour has revealed outstanding ramifications as now the Grammy winning artist is found utilizing his cell phone in general public all the time, which in turn implies anybody that reads the tabloids or seems up celebrity gossip on the internet also sees. But it is also his crossover attractiveness concerning the blues and teeny-pop that offers him these types of pull as an endorser of a merchandise. His variety of impact is considerably better than that of a person stuck to one style of new music. And this is why Blackberry manufactured a smart transfer. And it is easy to see that these types of a transfer is having to pay off and will continue on nicely into the future.