Mobile App Development Trends That You Need To Watch Out For

iPhone application development is at its peak and 2016 has been bringing in quite a few changes. When it comes to mobile app development here are some key changes that we are likely to see and you should ride these trends to success. Here is a list of predictions by app development experts from around the world regarding iPhone app development services India.

Hybrid HTML5

Most people prefer native mobile apps through mobile development services but HTML5’s hybrid variant has been kicking up quite the storm. 2015 saw the introduction of many hybrid HTML5 apps and it is expected the trend will go on to explode hard in 2016 with most developers keen on the technology and they have shown interest in the development platform for quite some time. It is most definitely going to be the language of choice for enterprises but how long will it take to be commonplace is something we cannot be very sure about.

Internet of Things

App development for iPhone and Things as a Service (TAAS) has been gaining momentum on the internet and the Internet of Things is also affecting the global app market as well to leverage the needs of the users and offer complete mobile integration. IOT is set to make the platforms feel modern and offer the right kind of backend infrastructure needed to make data available on any device that the end user uses. High-quality mobile integration is the need of the hour and IOT can make it possible for developers quite easily. According to the IDC, it is expected that the IOT market can grow up to 2 trillion dollars in terms of value. It is one of the most promising platforms and you should be integrating mobile platforms to work in the IOT market for maximum benefit.

Cross-platform mobile development

With devices of so many sizes being a reality, it is becoming important for every iPhone App development company     to get into cross platform development. Tablet sales may be dipping quite a bit but they remain popular in usage and there are many industries that have implemented the use of tablets. Cross platform mobile solutions by every iOS App development company is something every app developer keeps in mind when making apps and making an app right now requires you to take care of all platforms to offer your user base the best possible experience. Being able to transition from mobiles to tablets to desktops without losing data at all is something that is in demand and it is something you need to consider when making your next app. Being able to maintain the same look and feel is also essential if you want to make your user base use your app on all platforms for their productivity needs.

Wearable tech

Wearable tech did not take off very well last year thanks to plenty of kinks that need to be ironed out by every mobile app development company. But manufacturers are confident that with the right app support the platform can take off in the form of wearable watches and other accessories meant to compliment phones, tablets or even work as standalone devices.

Consolidation of the Mobile App Market

There are many vendors who are willing to address different areas of through mobile development services that have not been ventured yet. While on another side most startup apps that show promise will either go out of business or will be bought out unless they shift to higher quality platforms. This is very good news for the whole interface because only enterprise grade apps will be able to make the cut in the long term and having the right level of development can help a lot with it.