New Celero 5G smartphone and full year of wireless service for just $199

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boost Mobile, the wireless carrier focused on empowering customers by delivering unprecedented value, is continuing its popular Carrier Crusher program with the biggest deal yet.

For only $199, new customers can get a full year of wireless service and a Celero 5G smartphone — Boost Mobile’s bestselling smartphone optimized for speed and affordability. Sporting a sleek, premium form factor, the Celero 5G boasts a 6.5-inch screen, 16 MP triple rear cameras, and 36 hours of battery life. The $199 annual plan gives customers 12 months of unlimited talk and text, plus 1 GB of high-speed data per month. 

Big cellular typically charges $60+ per month. The latest Carrier Crusher plan will save Americans hundreds of dollars on service, and it slashes the cost of a high-end 5G smartphone — another significant savings. 

“The big carriers have convinced us that to be connected means we must pay a premium price and that simply isn’t true,” said Stephen Stokols, head of Boost Mobile. “With 5G as the new standard, our Carrier Crusher plan represents what Boost Mobile is all about. Designed with customers in mind, Carrier Crusher empowers individuals with better choices and the services they need most without the outrageous price tag.”

For customers looking for more data, Boost Mobile offers Career Crusher plans in additional tiers:

  • 5GB of high-speed data per month and unlimited talk and text for 12 months, and a Celero 5G for only $279.2 
  • 15GB of high-speed data per month and unlimited talk and text for 12 months, and a Celero 5G for only $340.3

These new Carrier Crusher plans are available today at

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Boost Mobile provides award-winning, best-in-class value and connectivity to U.S. wireless consumers on America’s largest 5G networks and competitive consumer plans with no annual service contracts. Boost Mobile operates on DISH Wireless L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), and serves as its largest retail wireless brand. DISH, a nationwide U.S. wireless carrier, continues to innovate in wireless, building America’s First Smart Network™. Learn more about Boost Mobile online on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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