Nothing says it’s in talks with US carriers for a future smartphone

nothing phone 1 rear on wood

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority


  • Nothing says it’s in talks with US mobile networks for a future smartphone.
  • Company founder Carl Pei also noted that the Phone 2 isn’t launching anytime soon.

The Nothing Phone 1 was the startup company’s first smartphone, and it turned out to be one of the better mid-range handsets of 2022. In saying so, the device missed out on a US launch.

Fortunately, Nothing founder Carl Pei has now told CNBC that the company is in talks with unspecified US carriers about launching a future smartphone in the market.

“Now we are in discussions with some carriers in the US to potentially launch a future product there,” Pei was quoted as saying.

Nothing Phone 2 to land in US?

Will it be a successor to the Phone 1, though? Well, the Nothing founder tweeted (h/t: Android Police) that the Phone 2 won’t be released in the near future.

Carl Pei Nothing Phone 2 Twitter

The Phone 2 might not be launching soon then, but it’s entirely possible Nothing is indeed in talks with US carriers to bring the Phone 2 to market when it’s eventually released. Pei’s tweet could also be an attempt to downplay talk of a sequel in a bid to keep any Phone 1 sales momentum.

We’ve asked Nothing to confirm whether this future US-bound product is the Phone 1, Phone 2, or something different altogether. The company told us that it’s “shared all of the information that we will be making public currently.”

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