Personalize Your Windows 7 Starter

Do you know there are tons of hidden personalization options in Windows 7 Starter we can use to customise our equipment? Really they are eradicated by Microsoft by default…Now we will choose a search at how to use them to personalize our Windows 7 starter.

Thankfully, in all other Windows 7 editions, you can conveniently personalize your computer by only ideal-clicking on the desktop and selecting Personalize. This will give you a broad assortment of options to adjust, together with sounds, screensaver, themes, track record, mouse tips, and desktop icons…

But this Personalization panel is not offered Windows 7 Starter. If you ideal-click on the desktop, all you will see are options just to adjust your resolution and insert Desktop Devices.

Here is how to adjust your window sounds, screensaver, concept… and more in Windows 7 Starter. All of these options are in the typical Personalization panel in other editions of Windows 7, but right here we will clearly show you how to obtain them in Starter.


If you want to make your Computer system audio distinct than the default configurations when you boot a notebook in a public position…Windows 7 provides several quite nice audio techniques.

Just style in “adjust sounds” in your Commence Menu research, and then pick “Change program sounds”.

In the new monitor, you can adjust or take out any of the sounds or even turn on or off the Windows boot audio.

Also you can pick just one of the other audio techniques…7 Starter nevertheless incorporates all of the new audio techniques!


Most netbooks will have the monitor turn off to preserve electrical power. If you would like your netbook to have a screensaver, Windows 7 Starter does nevertheless include all the default Windows 7 screensavers. Basically enter “screensaver” in your start off menu research, and pick “Change monitor saver”.

The screensaver alternative dialog is opened and you can pick the screensaver and configurations you want.


Windows 7 Starter works by using the Aero Classic concept by default which is comparable to the default Aero Glass concept on other editions of Windows 7, but with no the transparency.

If you would like the vintage Windows search (from Windows 95/98/2000/ME), or need to have to use a large contrast concept, you can nevertheless revert to this. Just enter “concept” in the start off menu research, and click the backlink “Change the shade scheme” .

The vintage concept selector opens and you can pick the concept you want, and click Ok.

Here is the Windows Classic concept on Windows 7 Starter.

Now you can adjust your concept options in the Windows Classic concept, together with the desktop track record shade. Just click Superior in the preceding dialog, click on the track record shade in the photograph, and then pick the shade you want from the box.

Track record Picture

Also Windows 7 Starter does not make it possible for you to right adjust the track record as well. One of the greatest approaches close to this is the Slide Display desktop gadget. Just ideal-click on your desktop, and click Devices to insert this.

Then double-click on the Slide Display gadget, or click and drag it to your desktop.

Really the gadget is compact by default. In get to make it larger, just hover your mouse in excess of the ideal hand side of the gadget, then click on the middle button with the arrow.

Now the gadget will clearly show a 320×240 picture.

Do you assume it appears to be rather nice for a track record, primarily on the regular 1024×600 resolution screens on netbooks?

Desktop Icons

In get to adjust the icons for popular goods (like My Computer and the Recycle Bin…), style “icons” in the start off menu research and click the backlink “Display or conceal popular icons on the desktop”.

Right here you can clearly show or conceal icons, adjust the icons for these goods as well.

Opt for the item you would like to adjust, and click Change Icon. You can pick from icons included with Windows, or others you may possibly have on your computer.

Mouse Tips

To customise your mouse tips, style “cursors” in the start off menu research, and pick the backlink “Change how the mouse pointer appears to be” .

The vintage mouse houses dialog opens and you can pick mouse pointer techniques and adjust particular person cursors.


In actuality, Windows 7 Starter nevertheless has a lot of customization options, but they are not as apparent as they are in other editions of Windows 7. With these guidelines, you can customise your netbook more than you initially thought probable. What’s more…these all function with no setting up any third occasion application! Just love yourself!

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