Reverse Engineering A Phased Array System Reveals Surprising Details


The phrase “phased array” has been about for a prolonged time, but in new many years we have listened to much more and more about the beam shaping that’s probable with phased array antennae. In the movie below the split, [The Signal Path] breaks down a Qualcomm 60GHz WiGig device, and does a deep dive, even seeking at the bare silicone and an x-ray of an antenna.

An X-Ray of the antenna reveals the intricate style and design

Some intriguing highlights contain how not only the information sign is sent to the antennae by a normal coaxial cable, but so are command alerts and a base clock frequency. [The Signal Path] clarifies how the producer selected to use what is called a SuperHeterodyne (aka “superhet”) architecture, which is not all that distinct from those people utilized in conventional novice radio transceivers. In concept, in any case.

One more component that is reviewed is how the PCB’s them selves are made use of as waveguides, inductors, and transmission line matches, amongst other a great number of little hacks to suit a fairly advanced method into a truly diminutive room.

If you’re not acquainted the concept guiding phased arrays, check out this report we printed in 2019 that displays how phased arrays can steer a beam without having any shifting elements. It’s fairly fascinating!


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