Safety Practices When Using a Cellphone

10 Cell Phone Safety Tips - LiveWell Frederick

These days everyone has a cellphone.Even children have their own. Cellphones are powerful tools that operate as mini-computers in our hands. Since they are so common, you can get cheaper ones that still provide all the services you will need. If you fall below a certain income, you may even get free or reduced cost cell phone service. With these helpful tools, you may want to practice certain precautions. 

While 911 is the standard number we use to call the police or other emergencies, you should also learn the designated local number to call in the event of highway accidents.Virginia uses #77. If you have not already done so, you should add your “ICE” contact. “ICE” stands for In Case of Emergency and is the individual others should call if you have an emergency.

If you often transmit sensitive data over your phone, you may want to download a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. People often use them on computers –  especially ones for work. However, you can also download it as an app to your phone. Several VPNs are available. Express VPN and NordVPN are two of the best ones to use.

As you can see, cellphones are powerful tools that keep us in touch with the world. However, it may be an added expense some can’t afford. If this is the case, check out local programs such as  lifeline phone program Oklahoma-based to assist you.