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ADHD Symptoms

It is undeniable that one of the mental illnesses that has garnered a lot of attention the past few years is ADHD. The reason for this may be because of the rise in the number of kids diagnosed with it. Aside from kids there are adults too that are found to be having this condition.

So what if you are one of those parents who is interested to know if his or her child is exhibiting behaviour that is related to ADHD? Then what you can do is to read up on the symptoms of ADHD that will be discussed here.

Basically there are three big symptoms of ADHD and the other behaviours are just categorized under these three. Let us discuss each of these three symptoms. The first one is inattention. Persons with ADHD suffer from an inability to stay focused on a task. Kids with ADHD may have difficulty in finishing their homework or even school tasks that are assigned to them to do. This may also mean forgetting important details in school. This may also mean disorganization. These symptoms do not just apply to kids but can also be seen in adults with ADHD. Persons with ADHD also typically go to one activity to the next without finishing one activity first. They will also typically find it difficult to stay focused on one task. This is the reason kids with ADHD have difficulty functioning in schools. Adults who have ADHD on the other hand will have difficulty in their work because of their condition.
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The next major symptom of ADHD is hyperactivity. This hyperactivity is not the typical desire of kids for movement. This hyperactivity makes the kid not able to sit still. It is like the kid always feels like he or she has to be on the go. When you ask this kid to sit still, you may find him or her fidgeting or squirming in his or her seat. That is the reason it is hard for them to be in school where they are required to do a lot of sitting. They also like to running or climbing in places.
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The third major symptom of ADHD is impulsivity. What this means is being careless when doing some things. For the kids this may mean turning in careless work. This could also mean that they may have relatively poor communication skills. For one their impulsivity may lead them to interrupt other people during conversations. They may also just start to simply blurt out answers out of the blue. They may be impatient when it comes to their turn. They could also be talking during times when they are not supposed to talk.

Now usually a child needs to exhibit some of these symptoms for a given period to be diagnosed as having ADHD. Of course you need an expert to make a proper diagnosis of your child.

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