Use of computer-aided technology during colonoscopy increases adenoma detection rate

[ad_1] Colonoscopies performed with computer-aided detection, or artificial intelligence, (AI) saw an increase in the overall rate of detection of adenoma, or cancerous and precancerous

New Plex Media Server Beta For Mac Adds Apple Silicon Support

[ad_1] Plex, the hugely popular media center software, has released a new beta update that adds support for Apple silicon, allowing the app to make

K-12 Computer Science Creating A Case For Full-Time Status In Schools

[ad_1] Students engaging with computer science through project based learning principles. pi-top Life has little moments. Segments of time stitched together to reveal a passing

AI Attempts Converting Python Code To C++

[ad_1] [Alexander] created codex_py2cpp as a way of experimenting with Codex, an AI intended to translate natural language into code. [Alexander] had slightly different ideas,

Buffalo and Uvalde shooters used new social networks like Yubo, Discord

[ad_1] Placeholder while article actions load Before two 18-year-old men allegedly killed 31 people in separate shootings over the past two weeks, they turned to

TypeScript 4.7 crosses the finish line

[ad_1] TypeScript 4.7 became generally available as a production release on May 24. The latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript, TypeScript 4.7 arrives with

Looking for Stocks with Positive Earnings Momentum? Check Out These 2 Computer and Technology Names

[ad_1] Wall Street watches a company’s quarterly report closely to understand as much as possible about its recent performance and what to expect going forward.

How to Make Windows 10’s Taskbar Clock Display Seconds

[ad_1] Windows 10’s taskbar clock can display the precise time down to the second. This feature requires a registry hack to enable, and only works

Is Avnet (AVT) Stock Outpacing Its Computer and Technology Peers This Year?

[ad_1] The Computer and Technology group has plenty of great stocks, but investors should always be looking for companies that are outperforming their peers. Avnet

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is On TIME’s List Of 100 Most Influential People Of 2022

[ad_1] Apple CEO Tim Cook has found himself on the TIME list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2022. The CEO found himself in