Eavesdropping on the Brain with 10,000 Electrodes

[ad_1] Imagine a portable computer built from a network of 86 billion switches, capable of general intelligence sophisticated enough to build a spacefaring civilization—but weighing

How Technology Has Transformed Education Over the Past Two Decades

[ad_1] Share Tweet Share Share Email It is remarkable how drastically information technology has altered schooling during the

869,000 apps may disappear from Play Store soon. Read what Google has to say about this.

[ad_1] Major media outlets are reporting that Google might be planning to disappear 869,000 unused apps from Play Store soon. According to CNET, these apps

100% Solid Travel Router: Your Laptop!

[ad_1] Lately, I’ve gotten many messages asking for a recommendation on “travel routers.” Summer is here, and folks want to stay securely connected while on

Russia Demands That the World ‘Demilitarize’ Online Information

[ad_1] A Russian ambassador accused the West of “cyber-totalitarianism” and “militarizing” the internet. He complained of a “Russophobic information campaign” spreading on social media and

Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool — and that’s a problem

PimEyes’ decision to make facial-recognition software available to the general public crosses a line that technology companies are typically unwilling to traverse, and opens up

Ikea is finally replacing its terrible Tradfri smart home hub

[ad_1] Ikea is teeing up an all-new smart hub that boasts more connectivity options and a much smoother onboarding process than its aging Tradfri gateway.

Internet company CEO was ‘extremely uncomfortable’ with Rodney Joffe’s task to research Trump and associates

[ad_1] A former subordinate of Rodney Joffe, the technology executive Special Counsel John Durham says worked with Michael Sussman to push the Trump-Alfa Bank allegations,

Challenges of parental responsibility in the digital age: a global perspective

Children everywhere are gaining access to the internet – most often via a mobile phone. In many places, too, parents are feeling challenged in their

Apps You Can Use to Create NFTs on Your iPhone

[ad_1] Do you want to create NFT’s on your own? Over the last 18 months or so, digital assets have become incredibly important in popular