Vacuum fried technology: Best of both worlds



We Indians really like our fried foods. The taste and crunch of the fried foodstuff are so addictive that it is difficult to resist the temptation to have it. Fried Chicken, Fried Samosa, or French Fries, every thing fried preferences yummy and can conveniently make our day. Be it events, formal get with each other, or informal chitchats, no conversation can be full without gorging on fried foods.

That said, not all fried foodstuff are excellent for health and fitness – a actuality that is perfectly-recognised today worldwide. These foods are significant in fatty acids and cholesterol and usually connected with many existence-threatening illnesses. But do you know what can make fried foodstuff poor? It’s the system of frying and the style of extra fat utilised for frying that is the authentic culprit listed here.

The classic frying approach is proving lousy for overall health as it consists of complete immersion and large temperatures which sales opportunities to the degradation of fats into trans-fat. Even more, conventional frying could also guide to the release of carcinogens in the foodstuff items as the approach includes heating the oil to really large temperatures. The carcinogens can direct to the advancement of most cancers in the system. So what to do? Ought to we give up fried foodstuff? Isn’t there a way to love fried things devoid of compromising on well being?

Vacuum Fried Technology: A Saviour 

Thankfully, there is an alternate way that can help you enjoy the style of the fried food devoid of compromising even a bit on your health and fitness. Presenting all-new innovation of vacuum-fried food – a approach of cooking the meals by putting it into a vacuum chamber and cooking it at very low temperature without destroying its diet benefit. The genuine magic of the vacuum frying course of action lies in the way foodstuff is cooked within the chamber. The vacuum-fried method utilises high air force and low-temperature oil cooking to make sure that balanced nutrition are retained all through the cooking procedure. The reduction in oil’s boiling issue also minimizes the release of carcinogens in the food stuff things substantially. The net consequence is the crispy and tasty food stuff products with superior nutritional value and ultra-very low unwanted fat.

Positive aspects of Vacuum Fried Approach

1) Oil Reduction: The technique of Vacuum Fried cooking is proven to be productive in minimizing the use of oil by up to 70%.  By working with vacuum frying you can preserve on your own from these life-design diseases by consuming the large extra fat food items products which are much less fatty in character.

Underlining the benefits linked with vacuum fried foods, investigate released in the Journal of Meals Science concluded that as in contrast to the on a regular basis fried potato chips, 50% significantly less oil is retained by potato chips which are fried using the strategy of the vacuum chamber.

2) Dietary Benefit: The other important gain linked with vacuum fried foods is the retention of nutrients throughout the cooking approach. Even more, as foods things are not subjected to quite high temperatures they preserve their organic colours for the duration of the method.

The vacuum frying also allows foods retain their normal flavour which is obvious from the crunchy texture of vegetables, fruits, or other food merchandise cooked via vacuum frying process. The review quoted by the posting earlier mentioned also found that vacuum fried potato chips have been in a position to retain as large as 95% Vitamin C content material which is definitely a commendable quantity by any expectations of comparison.

  1. Decreased Boiling Position: In contrast to normal frying in which foodstuff is fried at 100 levels centigrades, the system of vacuum frying entails cooking at a noticeably lower temperature. Exposing foods to large temperatures in normal frying practically converts them into junk by devoiding it of any nutritive price. Additional, common frying can make the meals highly saturated in fats which, in change, will make it an unhealthy alternative for consuming.


By combining the large air tension and low temperature oil cooking, vacuum fried strategy is modifying the perceptions about fried foodstuff. Sure, fried foods can be balanced provided you use the ideal method and system of cooking. Vacuum fried foodstuff are minimal in oil, nutrient-dense, and offer you the very same awesome crispy flavor. The best element is that you can consume them in a entirely guilt-totally free fashion.

As significantly as the commercial state of affairs is anxious, there are quite a few snacking choices offered in the industry which are cooked working with the process of vacuum fried technique, but not all are healthier – look at for the labels that have clean ingredients, excellent oils used and no sugar brand names. Not only are these snacks nutritious but they also style as excellent as normal fried meals.   So subsequent time when you truly feel like munching on one thing fried, turn into an intelligent purchaser, and go for vacuum fried foods solutions to take pleasure in the ideal of each worlds: health and fitness and taste.



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