Ways To Improve Your Website CRO

10 Ways to Improve Your Website with CRO - Great Big Digital Agency

What Is CRO? Conversion rate optimization is the process of boosting your conversion rate. Conversion rate is referred to the leads done which can result in getting more customers to buy your products. For instance, the audience from your websites can be a possible prospect in the future. Conversion rate is the probability of your leads turning to possible customers. Digital marketing agency offers conversion rate optimization strategies in New Orleans

How Does A Good CRO Benefit Your Website?

Websites are the main online platform used by businesses to let people know about their company here are 4 areas of websites where CRO is emphasized:


When a visitor opens the website what she can see first is the homepage. Make your home page user-friendly so visitors can navigate them easily this way they can be motivated to stay longer and browse other pages. Use elements that are cool to the eyes so viewers will be comfortable when checking on your homepage. Make sure that important buttons are displayed where they can be seen easily. Hiring website creators can be a good idea to optimize your homepage. They are more knowledgeable when it comes to using the right elements to make your homepage user-friendly. Making it attractive but simple can be ideal, making it complicated can drive away from the audience. 

Pricing Page

CRO can aid in making the pricing page more engaging by modifying price intervals. With this strategy, visitors can turn into customers. Also include phone numbers where visitors can call to ask for price quotations. Pop-up forms can also be a good way to get information from prospective customers. Descriptions on prices like per piece or tax included can be helpful so viewers can see the transparency of prices and avoid confusion. 

Apart from the price, the product description should also be specified as well as its availability. 


Blogs can be good for people who love reading and are interested in knowing more about the company as well as the products and services they offer. Create a blog where you can market your goods and services in a natural way. You can also place call-to-action buttons or have them enter their email details for more information. This is one way of getting leads that can be your future customer. Call-to-action buttons are also convenient since they can just click or drop-down menus and can also be great so they can easily choose. 

Landing Page 

Creating a landing page can be a good way to get more leads and get the proper audience. Landing page can be any social media platform or other sites that can lead our audience to be interested in visiting your page where the transaction happens. Running a test on a landing page can be a good way to determine what customers want best. It is one way of conducting surveys. Knowing your customer’s preference can help you make the proper response and you will know which of your products can sell best.

Create Chat windows 

Some viewers would want immediate answers when they are interested in your products and services. Creating chat windows can make it more convenient to get answered on their queries immediately. Responsive websites get more audience and can let you earn a good reputation. Satisfying customers’ demands is one way in getting a good rating. Once you can meet their demand they can give you positive feedback which can help you get more customers since they will be recommending you to other people. 

There are just several ways to improve your website CRO. You can start with these techniques to get more customers and increase your traffic on your websites and social media platforms. You should be able to strategize your marketing strategies according to the demands of your client if you want to hit your goal. Hiring digital marketing agencies to assist you with your conversion rate optimization can be a good investment. They know what they are doing since they have studied and trained for it. They can be able to determine the needs of your company and come up with the right tools and techniques. Make them your partner and you don’t have to get stressed in implementing the right marketing moves for your business.