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Web Traffic Software Reviews

Hi there, my name is Bob and Im an internet marketer.  I do tons of marketing online and in doing so I run hundreds of websites.  Trying to keep my sites stuck at number one in Google while at the same time getting backlinks to newer websites to raise their rankings would be nearly impossible without the software that I use.

That’s because it is fully automated.  You can start the software for a website/video/article/blog/etc. (whatever you want to get rankings for) in less than 5 minutes.  The software runs for quite some time (hours) and builds hundreds of backlinks in various ways.  All the tasks performed by this software would take you weeks to do by hand.  So, I think of it as having a virtual assistant that I only have to pay a few bucks a day for!

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Web Traffic is the key to making money online

You can’t make money if you have no one to click on your adsense ads, buy your products or fill out your CPA computer repair tempe offers.  Period.  Spending money on PPC is great if you want to eventually tweak a campaign to break even and then turn a profit…usually about half of what you spend if you are AWESOME at it.

Mastering SEO will give you access to limitless free traffic and your earnings will start to grow and grow each month.  Higher rankings = higher profits.  Then, you make more sites and get them up there as well.

What does this software do?

Well, it does a ton of stuff.  I don’t want to scare you off with technical talk, but here’s a small list:

  • Creates many web 2.0 blogs with your links in them AND unique content at the push of a button
  • Submits your articles to the top article site on the web
  • Submits your RSS feeds to the top aggregators on the web
  • Creates a Yahoo email account, creates profiles on more than 150 High PR websites and post your contextual links on these sites on autopilot!  Even varifies the emails for you!  And yes, these includes Angela’s backlinks…
  • Takes those High PR profile URL’s and mixes and mashes them into different RSS feed combinations and submits those to RSS aggregators for even more link love!
  • Submits videos to many of the top video sites and in the near future will submit your videos to tons of video sites that allow contextual backlinks….ALL ON AUTOPILOT.
  • Makes You Money

I had been struggling online until I found this software.  Now, I have several number one websites in Google and all the other search engines.  I keep on building my online empire every day!  I have been a member for over a year and a half now and I can say the software gets updated ALL THE TIME.  It has some bugs here and there, but it is very advanced software and that will happen sometimes.  They are always fixed promptly and we continue to build backlinks like no other web traffic software program out there.

If you do not understand all the things this software will do for you, don’t worry.  The user interface is so easy to use – you don’t have to know what it is doing.  Just input your url, keywords you want to rank for and let it rip!