What Is Put up Harvest Technology

What is Put up harvest Technology?

Put up harvest technology consists of in harvesting, dealing with, storing, moving the deliver to decrease losses and to continue to keep them fresh new up to the marketplace.

It truly is of utmost significant to manage the freshness or to reduce the deterioration of goods from harvesting, marketing and to the time they are consumed.

The increase in vegetable and fruit manufacturing do not guarantee ample offer of great high-quality products for purchaser to consume and the grower to offer, owing to submit harvest losses.

The proportion losses in vegetable manufacturing is from 28 – 42% of the once-a-year manufacturing ( beneath Philippine issue) owing to lack of submit harvest amenities and technology.

This is because the Philippines is still lagging behind in submit harvest systems as compared to the designed countries.

Leads to of Put up harvest losses

1)  Technological – Put up harvest losses handles the adhering to causes…

  • Decay or rotting – Vegetable quickly decay or rot when not appropriately dealt with, primarily the leafy types. Fruits last a small for a longer time but they quickly rot as effectively.
  • Yellowing – Yellowing primarily happens to leafy greens. For fruits yellowing is a indicator of ripening and later on decay.
  • Wilting – This is common to leafy greens.
  • Softening – Softening is primarily widespread to fruits and some leafy crops.
  • Sprouting – Some root greens when saved for a longer time tends to sprout (e.g. carrots, potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, and so forth.)

two)  Non-technological – Put up harvest losses primarily takes place when there is  lack in transportation and storage amenities resulting in the delay of the harvested goods.

Non-technological losses handles the adhering to factors…

  • Transportation – Lack of transportation is one variable that brings about submit harvest losses. Ahead of you undertaking into vegetable manufacturing you should really offer this quite significant gear in your priority record.
  • Storage – Storage amenities performs a very important position for a results in vegetable endeavor. If transportation amenities is very important, storage place is also significant. In truth, if I’m to make a decision, I would location this variable as my variety one priority.
  • Adverse temperature issue – Switching temperature issue significantly affects your cropping pattern. Analyze the issue in your place, what distinct crop or crops that thrives ideal to a distinct temperature issue.
  • Inefficiency of distribution – If your distribution channel is inefficient crop problems will be significant. For that reason, make your tactic possible so that your products could get to to the prospective buyers fresh new.
  • Lack of marketplace demand – Think about surveying the marketplace if the crop you may plant is desired or in demand. This is one variable that brings about crop losses because no one buys your products.

3)  Physiological problems – Crop problems is brought about owing to alterations in texture, flavor and aroma.

four)  Mechanical problems – Crop losses owing to tough and careless finding, packing, loading or unloading. The problems maybe in the form of cuts, punctures, cracks, splits, alterations in forms and form or partial or absolutely separation of the outer masking.

five)  Insect problems – Damages brought about by insect takes place at storage or right in the industry just before harvest. You’ve to manage straight away those insect located in the industry prior to harvesting or in your storage place. Your storage place should really be disinfected just before putting your harvested goods.

Basis of Put up harvest Technological know-how

1)  Vegetables are perishable in character – Although they are previously harvested and not in the soil any longer, they are still residing detail. They still bear all the biological processes connected with lifestyle.

When harvested, the consumption of energy through respiration and manufacture foods through photosynthetic method is reduce and you can find no substitution for the misplaced reserves.

The quicker it respires, the quicker it rots. Substantial saved meals delayed rotting.

Vegetables contains 80 – ninety five h2o. This is misplaced to the ambiance through transpiration primarily all through dry and incredibly hot months.

two)  Differences in Morphology, Construction and Chemical Composition

The alterations relies upon on what morphological components the vegetable is…

  • Leafy vegetable – The leaves wilt and turn yellow.
  • Fruit greens – Ripens eventually turn out to be about ripe.
  • Flower greens – The flowers opens.
  • Modified stem – Makes new buds and sprouts.

Adjustments on structural distinctions of each morphological parts…

  • Leafy greens – Have bigger and far more stomata on upper and lessen surface, consequently have quicker respiration and transpiration.
  • Fruits, roots, tubers, and bulbs – Have reserve surface areas and number of or no stomata but have number of lenticels.

3)  Response of Vegetables to Natural environment – Respiration and transpiration of vegetable alterations in reaction to the environment…

  • Temperature – The most essential environmental components that influences the deterioration rate of greens. Lessen in temperature decreases respiration, transpirations, microbial functions and insect advancement.
  • Relative humidity – The ratio or written content of h2o vapor in the air.
  • Gases in the ambiance – Perfect written content of air is seventy eight% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and .03% Carbon dioxide.
  • Microorganisms and insects – Vegetables serves as meals for microorganisms and insects. The far more we continue to keep absent greens from them, the for a longer time we can continue to keep greens.

How to Reduce Vegetable Losses

1)    Commence with great high-quality seeds or planting materials – You’ve to glimpse into the attributes of your stock in relation to its sizing, form, coloration, texture, fat and nutrient written content.

  • Impact of Environmental Affliction – The high-quality of your vegetable at or just after harvest is affected by temperature, light-weight, rainfall and other environmental components.
  • Effects of Cultural Management – You should really get started your industry preparation specifically right. This consists of seedbed preparation alongside with h2o management, weeding, fertilization, manage of pests and health conditions. If you neglect these cultural management procedures, the high-quality of your products will be significantly affected.

two)    Avoid Physical Damage – Physical damages starts all through harvesting up to sorting, cleaning, transport from the industry to the storage place and down to the marketplace.

Strictly comply with the correct system of dealing with your products to stay clear of actual physical problems at significant stage.

3)    Control Environmental Components – Working with low temperature (Fridge) all through transport or storage and software of chemical to manage submit harvest decay is one tactic to stay clear of crop problems.

You can apply the adhering to strategies…

  • Temperature management – Avoid high temperature to lengthen the lifestyle span of your greens.

The use of refrigerator is the most efficient way of lowering temperature.

In the absence of Refrigerated amenities, you can apply the adhering to approaches to reduce crop losses…

1)    Harvest as early or as late in the day as possible.

two)    Avoid exposing greens to direct sunlight at whenever.

3)    Put ample ventilation all through transport.

four)    Use white colored canvass for masking greens.

five)    Journey as early or at evening if possible.

  • Relative Humidity Management – You’ve to increase the relative humidity to 85%.

Techniques of increasing Relative Humidity…

1)   Moist the floor of the place where by greens are held.

two)  Introduce a good mist of h2o or steam into the ventilating enthusiast.

3)  In a small place continue to keep open containers loaded with h2o.

four)  Use evaporative cooling method.

  • Control of Gases in the Natural environment – Lessen in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide would make transport and storage in low temperature. The use of polyethylene bag makes it possible for the accumulation of carbon dioxide and depletion of oxygen within the bag with number of holes to allow for ventilation. Ethylene use should really be prevented other than where by ripening of fruits is concerned.

How to Avoid Ethylene Outcome

  • Make certain great ventilation to dilute the focus of ethylene – Air flow is very important all through storage and transport so that ethylene accumulation can be prevented.
  • Do not store ripening fruits with fresh new greens in the exact same place – Different fruit greens from the leafy types. Ethylene is for ripening reasons only. If it would incorporate with leafy greens the leaves gets yellowish – not any longer great or marketplace.
  • Right dealing with all through transport and storage should really be practiced at all times – Right dealing with means,you should really apply the correct storage and transport method to insure that the greens are safe and sound and totally free from any problems.
  • Kind goods and individual diseased and wounded greens – It is significant that you should really individual the diseased and wounded goods. Ones they are not sorted, the inclination is the distribute of the health conditions would affect the other that are in great circumstances. Avoid keeping greens in enclosed areas where by there is smoke – You’ve to do absent your goods in enclosed areas where by you can find no ventilation primarily when you can find smoke all-around the place – this will affect the high-quality of the goods.

How to Reduce Microorganisms Multiplication

  • Make the container, motor vehicle, place clean just before putting the goods – This is self explanatory, clean surroundings is normally the excellent location for storing anything at all.
  • Handle greens diligently to stay clear of personal injury – Carefully cope with your goods with treatment to stay clear of crop personal injury. Injured areas are the types where by germs or virus enters which may lead to the deterioration of the goods.
  • Avoid incredibly hot and moist issue – Warm and moist issue attracts some deadly microorganisms which is there ideal  location to dwell and multiply. You should really make confident that the place is dry and there is a totally free circulation of air all all-around.
  • Kind the goods and individual diseased greens – As I spelled out in variety four above, you’ve to individual the diseased and wounded goods to stay clear of contamination to  the other crops that are great.
  • If greens are probably to be disinfected, use Alum or Lime – If you are to store or transport your goods, it truly is ideal to disinfect them with Alum or Lime to lengthen their lifestyle span. This is primarily applicable to leafy greens where by their shelf-lifestyle is only small.
  • Cure root and bulb crops just before storage and transport up to 20 – 35 °C – Curing your goods boosts their shelf-lifestyle primarily when you store them for a for a longer time time or transporting in a very long length.


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