What’s New in Focusable? More Ways to Help You Focus

What’s New in Focusable? More Ways to Help You Focus

Focusable is the first thing listed in my Best of the Web 2022 presentation. Since the first time that I tried it back in September, I knew that Focusable was a tool that could do a lot of good for teachers and students. It does so by helping you learn to ignore distractions and focus on the things that you need to get done. Unlike browser extensions that simply block distracting websites, Focusable teaches you how to focus so that you don’t give into the temptations of distracting websites and apps. 

Like any good educational technology company, Focusable has listened to feedback from teachers and students to make improvements. The latest update to Focusable puts a lot of that feedback into use. For example, you can now use Focusable without an account. Another significant update is that you no longer have to use your webcam to record your reflections on the progress you’re making. And you can now have more control over the time intervals for your focus/ work sessions. Watch my new video that is embedded below to learn more about what’s new in Focusable. 

Video – What’s New in Focusable? More Ways to Help You Focus  

Applications for Education

Focusable was built for the purpose of helping students learn how to focus on their work while ignoring distractions. An ancillary benefit of using Focusable is creating a little journal to document progress on a project. If you give students a little direction like “state what worked and what didn’t,” they can use Focusable to develop the skill of focusing while also documenting their progress on a project. You can then use your Focusable teacher account to view your students’ progress.

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