5 Things You Should Do Before Consulting an Attorney

What to Expect At a First Meeting with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

First meetings with attorneys can be nerve-wracking for those who have never done so before. Preparing for a meeting can be a daunting task. In preparation for your initial appointment, your attorney may ask you to undertake the following five items. To make that first meeting easier, follow these procedures.

Give the Lawyer the Names

Any auto accident attorney grand forks nd worth their salt will run a conflict check before agreeing to meet with Grand Forks people. During a conflict check, your attorney and their firm will make sure they aren’t representing anybody else and that they’re free to represent you. 

You and any other parties whose identities may be relevant to the action must be disclosed to the attorney for them to do a complete conflict check. Before scheduling a meeting with you, most firms will make sure there won’t be any conflicts.


Find out right away if the first consultation will cost anything. Your initial consultation could be free of charge, depending on the type of issue. On the other hand, the initial consultation is often subject to payment. New Mexico people should be aware of this before consulting with a personal injury lawyer albuquerque nm so that you may make an informed decision.

Collect Information

It could be nerve-wracking to visit a lawyer’s office for the first time. Even while the lawyer should make every effort to calm you down, it is understandable that they might make mistakes given the stress you’re under. So, before you head to the office, make sure you complete some prep work.

Prepare yourself for your attorney’s visit by sitting down and reviewing your case materials. In preparation for the attorney’s likely barrage of questions, it may be beneficial to jot down some notes that you believe will serve to refresh your memory before the meeting. 

Before accepting to represent you, the attorney should gather as much information as they can regarding your situation.

Collect Required Facts

The attorney you meet with may want to see and gather case-related documents, require various documentation. Bring any employer correspondence about your termination, disciplinary, or warnings if you believe you were unlawfully terminated. 

Bring a will to amend. (“What Should I Bring” blog post explains what to bring to your first estate planning meeting). Police reports and medical bills are helpful after an automobile collision. Your first meeting will be more productive using these documents.


You shouldn’t be worried; your lawyer is there to assist you. Understand that your attorney is trying to learn as much as they can about your case by asking you questions, and being honest with them. Remain authentic and share your narrative. From there, the attorney will determine if they will pursue your case.


While lawyers may come across as “all that” during consultations, new customers should still complete their due diligence before committing to work with them. Even if the lawyer hasn’t said anything, you can find out more about them by checking out their website or state bar profile.

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