Making the most out of shared blog hosting

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Here is how to most out of shared blog hosting

Every year the number of bloggers increases along with the growing popularity of social media and blogging as a means of making money or maybe building a career. In fact, the number of words generated by each blog is increasing every year. This just goes to show how in demand blogging is and the importance of blogging for readers. Therefore, web hosting has become more important and especially shared hosting as it supports bloggers and small websites.

With the help of this post, we will understand the benefits of shared blog hosting and its benefits for bloggers. What is important to bloggers and why is shared hosting beneficial for them?

Every blogger needs to be ready with materials and a hosting platform before they can get started quickly. Therefore, certain features of shared hosting are very important for bloggers who want to go online. Let’s see one by one:

1. Security is very important for websites

If we have a large number of users or customers, we don’t want their information to be compromised. We don’t want to get hacked either. Find out about the various security features offered by your shared hosting service. With daily virus scans, a decent shared hosting plan ensures security is in place.

2.SSL Certificate

SSL certificate helps encrypt data. Due to SSL, if your URL starts with https (or similar), you can be sure that the blogging site is secure. It’s a good idea to start with links if you run an online store at a time when Google prioritizes secure websites.

Shared hosting is quite cheap. In other words, you will definitely get a cheap package as a blogger. However, make sure you are aware of your renewal and fees beforehand.

3. Backup

Make sure your hosting company offers backup options. It is important to keep your website up to date.

4. Customer Support

Choose a hosting provider with good customer support when you start developing your website or even blog. Good customer service demonstrates a desire to continue to build relationships with customers.

5. E-mail

Take advantage of the opportunity to add a host to your email with a shared hosting plan if you want a professional email address on the same domain as the URL.

6. Stability

Website crashes are the last thing you want. Because of this, it’s important to partner with a reliable hosting provider that offers server stability for your shared plan.

It is very easy for bloggers to take advantage of shared hosting as it offers the above benefits with its services.


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